Impressive Selection for any Occasion


At The Coffee Toffee Company, our Artisan Gourmet Toffee is made by hand with 100% pure slow roasted premium coffee.
Made perfectly in small batches, using only the best quality ingredients, it is the perfect ending to a fabulous dinner, a great party favor for any event or just an indulgent way to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Our Artisan Gourmet Coffee Toffee can be enjoyed in four delectable flavors: Café au lait, Café Mocha, Hazelnut Haze and Espresso.

Café Au Lait - Savor the flavor of buttery crunchy toffee made with real slow roasted premium coffee and sweet cream.
Café Mocha - We add real cocoa to our signature coffee toffee recipe to create this intensely decadent chocolate coffee toffee treat.
Hazelnut Haze - Who doesn't love the scent and flavor of a steamy hot cup of Hazelnut* Coffee? It's the perfect complement to our signature Coffee Toffee recipe. The flavor is delicate and subtle, yet distinct and completely delicious.
Espresso - Rich, robust and full of flavor - this toffee is a treat especialy made for espresso lovers!

Coffee Toffee Cookies from The Coffee Toffee Company

Our Story

As mother and daughter, we have always shared a passion for cooking together. We come from a long line of great cooks whose Sunday dinners are not only a family tradition but our favorite part of the week. Nothing makes us happier than to be standing side by side, pressed up against a hot stove cooking a meal or some delightful sweet treat that makes our home smell like heaven. This is how Coffee Toffee came to be! We combined my mothers love for all things coffee with my favorite treat and created a toffee so buttery sweet, rich, crunchy and decadent that we had to share it! We are so proud and honored to present to you a little piece of our edible heaven.