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Our Coffee Toffee in "COOKING WITH PAULA DEEN" Magazine!

Coffee Toffee in Cooking with Paula Deen

The Coffee Toffee Company featured on ABC TV!

Jessica and Renna with ABC's Sandra Bookman

Kim Severson
(from The New York Times)
gets a taste of our Artisan Gourmet Coffee Toffee at
The New York Food and Wine Festival and says
"That toffee is good"!

Kim Severson, author of Spoon Fed, has been
a food writer for The New York Times since 2004. Previously, she was a food writer and editor at the San Francisco Chronicle, where she won national awards for news and feature writing, including the Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism in 2002, and four James Beard awards for food writing.

Chef Aaron McCargo Jr. aka Big Daddy from The Food Network, blogged about Coffee Toffee from The Coffee Toffee Company!

We are one of his October's Fresh Picks!

"Speaking of people and products that rock, take a moment and check out a few that definetely get the "Big Daddy" stamp of approval. The first is The Coffee Toffee Company, owned and operated by mother and daughter team, Jessica and Renna. I happened to meet Jessica's fiance Ty while I was staying at the Park Meridian in NYC a couple of weeks ago (I was there shooting a special for Food Network with a few of your other FN favorites), and as we were talking he mentioned his fiance's company and asked if I would be open to trying some. I always enjoy trying out different products that people make and sell themselves, so I said sure and WOW-this toffee has some amazing flavor to it! On their website they talk about how they started Coffee Toffee and how they enjoy cooking together as a family, which as you know, is what I'm all about-putting the love you have for your loved ones into the meals you prepare for them, sharing the love in what you do is always important,and that makes their product even more worth trying out, so check out their site, and if coffee and toffee are your sweets of choice, give them a try."

Review by Monique Felder-Grant

If you like coffee, toffee, and unique gourmet items, then The Coffee Toffee Company is where you need to go. This company is operated by individuals that have a passion for cooking and a gift for creating unique and good quality tasting toffee. The toffee is made from natural ingredients and is gluten-free as well. A mother and daughter duo is what brought life to the idea of creating coffee flavored toffee.

I had the honor of meeting the daughter, Ms. Jessica, who was so delightful!! She offered samples of her toffee and although I was not a fan of toffee, because I felt like I will have to make a dentist appointment for a chipped tooth afterwards, hers made me change my mind about toffee! I was in love with the flavors that I tried; Hazelnut Haze, Café Mocha and Pumpkin Spice. Hazelnut Haze reminded me of the reason why I love Nutella. Cafe Mocha, which there was no false advertisement there, it tasted like I, was in a gourmet coffee shop and she had my heart at chocolate. Pumpkin Spice, a limited edition flavor, is so neat that it is available during the pumpkins' actual season.

There are so many other flavors that are available to try and samples are also available if you are indecisive on which one to try first. They also come in the most adorable box: it is an Asian inspired take-out box which would be perfect for the season of gift-giving or just because someone deserves a little joy in a box. I am inspired by those that follow their passion and craft artisanal foods, and The Coffee Toffee Company is exemplary of that. Check out their website and give their toffee a try, I promise you will enjoy these little pick me ups.

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Rave Reviews from Customers

from Customers and Facebook Fans!
"OMG, SUPER YUM!!!!!!!!!!! I just opened up my coffee toffee cookies that just arrived...bad idea on my part to 'taste' them BEFORE dinner--if I didn't have dinner plans already, I think the whole bag would have been dinner--and I would have loved every minute of it. Now I'll just have to save the rest for AFTER dinner ;-). They're DELICIOUS!!"
_ Rebecca S.
New York, NY

"OH! I got your coooooooookies in the mail the other day. 3 cinnamon swirl cookies, 1 chocolate lovers cookie and one cinnamon swirl toffee bar. I started out on the cinnamon cookies. Took one bite of the moist, chewy, delicious cookie and thought, this is the best fucking cookie I've ever had! I then proceeded to eat all but one cinnamon cookie and went on to the Chocolate lover's...Took a bite and was like, NO WAY! This is now the best cookie I've EVER HAD!

Then I took a break in an attempt to make the cookies last. I didn't last long let me tell you. About 30 minutes and I was back at my desk ready to eat. Went back to the cinnamon cookie and was like, OMG BEST EVER! And proceeded to eat the rest of the cinnamon and chocolate. Then on to the toffee. Now I have never really been a huge fan of toffee before. Then I had your toffee and I'm like, NO WAY! Just as good as the cookies! So I came to the conclusion that wichever cookie or toffee bar is in my mouth currently is the best ever! TY!! :D"

- Brian R.
Virginia Beach, VA

I cannot resist coffee, toffee or cinnamon, so the cinnamon swirl was a no-brainer for me.. and it is -delicious. I am going for the chocolate lovers cookies next!"
- Robert A.
Bessemer, MI

Just got my free sample the other day = by far some of the best cookies I've ever had!!!! Go Coffee Toffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some magic ingredients in them cookies!!! :-)
-Tameka David
Brooklyn, NY

"The ladies and gents in my office loved the toffee! You have some fans at Ralph Lauren! Much love and success to you!"
- Tanya D.
New York, NY

"I know what everybody is getting for Christmas this year!"
- Nancy P.
Toronto, Canada

"It's awesome stuff. Placing another order. Pumpkin Spice. Yummy!"
- Terri B.
Dallas, TX

"My friends know my motto when it comes to my Coffee Toffee: Get your own!"
- Matthew G.
Meridian, ID

"Oh my god! this toffee is SOOO good. mmm. It's so good it's hard for me to decide which is my favorite. lol. thank you mucho!"
- Lindzey F
Cleveland, OH

"Just wanted to say that though i am a not a huge fan of either coffee or toffee, I was really digging the coffee toffee I tried the other night! It's the perfect sit at home while reading a book candy. Can't wait to try the other flavors. Keep up the good work!"
- Alysia C
Brooklyn, NY

"My Hazelnut Haze Coffee Toffee Popcorn Cluster treats arrived today. Time to get my yummy on!"
- Cindy D.
Houston, TX

"I am so addicted to Hazelnut Haze!"
- Christopher D
Hunnington, NY

"Toffee is is probably my favorite candy so I know toffee but I can honestly say that Coffee Toffee makes the best toffee I've ever had."
- Nicole J.
Upper West Side, NY

"My boyfriend, who doesn't eat toffee OR drink coffee, LOVES Coffee Toffee!"
- Rene K.
Westbury, NY

"This is, hands down, the best toffee I've ever eaten! I'm a candy AND coffee addict so this definitely does it for me!"
- Jen W.
Soho, NY

"Toffee and coffee... who knew they went so well together! Kudos to you guys at The Coffee Toffee Company!"
- Jackie S.
Williamsburg, NY

"I made the mistake of bringing a box of Coffee Toffee to my office and ended only getting one piece! Next time, I'm bringing two boxes to work. One for me, one for everybody else! LOL!"
- Kendall H.
Chelsea, NY

"The holiday office party will be just that much better with a few boxes of Coffee Toffee!"
- Mike C
Ronkonkama, NY

"Good luck thinking one box is good enough! You will definitely be back for two or three more! At least!"
- Joe H.
Wayne, NJ